Bhakti Rasa Membership

Sri Radha Krsna Gurukul Mandir

155 Otis Street, Northboro, MA. 01532
Sri Radha Krsna Gurukul Mandir, as a sacred communty, develops engaging relationships between our devoted volunteers and members and fosters dynamic relationships among them. These connections take place through worship, learning, socializing, celebration of birthdays/anniversaries, and by developing a loving and supportive community based on the principles of Bhakti Yoga.

When you become a Mandir Member and get involved, whether by attending daily/weekly worship programs or any of the myriad of programs, classes and activities we offer, we hope you will feel that you have found a second home. Our family becomes your family and your family becomes our family.

Your monthly membership donation ensures that the Gurukul Mandir can continue to grow and serve you, your family, your children, and our beloved community as a whole year after year.

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Monthly Donation and Membership Level:

  • Madurya - $251
  • Vatsalya - $201
  • Sakhya - $101
  • Dasya - $51
  • Santa - $21
Members Receive 20% Discount on:
Samskaras, Gurukula Tuition, Academy Courses
Bhakti Rasa Members

14 Bhakti Rasa Members

Madurya Rasa (5 Star Donor)

  • Pankaj & Sunita Adaval
  • Dorothy Scally & Jatin Karvir
  • Vishal Nath & Richa Saksena
  • Rajesh Chauhan & Family
  • Priya Gandhi & Hemal Rathod

Vatsalya Rasa (4 Star Donor)

  • Monisha & Sunil

Sakhya Rasa (3 Star Donor)

  • (All Radhika Rasoi Members)

Dasya Rasa (2 Star Donor)

  • Swant Upadhyay

Santa Rasa (Gold Star Donor)